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hi i'm Rita! and this is my transparent blog. please be patient with requests. and i mean, like… reeeeaaally patient. before asking, read my FAQ and check the tags!

first friend, first girl, last words.

Anonymous asked:

Can u make a transparent of something to do with the book looking for Alaska ? It would mean the world to me <3

i love that book, ill make a photoset with two <3

julian casablancas&#8217;s signature. so badass

julian casablancas’s signature. so badass

albert hammond jr&#8217;s signature! 

albert hammond jr’s signature! 

Anonymous asked:

Do you have anything from the beatles?

yep, here :)

hobisognodisanguepuroeamore asked:

Can you post signatures of One Direction?:) (sorry, I'm italian)

i already did! its somewhere in this page, click here :)

Anonymous asked:

you didnt have to be a rude … -,-

i apologized in the tags. sorry. it’s just people reposting stuff piss me off, i really didn’t mean to be rude!

Anonymous asked:

Do you make these yourself or repost them?

reposting is absolutely disgusting and everyone who does that should be fucking banned from the internet

Anonymous asked:

Can you make a transparent logo of the offspring please? I would really appreciate xxx :)

posted :)

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