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hi i'm Rita! and this is my transparent blog. please be patient with requests. and i mean, like… reeeeaaally patient. before asking, read my FAQ and check the tags!

Anonymous asked:

I don't know if anyone has ever told you this but you're actually pretty rude. You're amazing at what you do but you're pretty cruel. "I said no Miley Cyrus request" "resists are disgusting and you should be banned from the internet." Like, chill. Enjoy your talent, mellow out a bit.

woah i wait a bit, i may not be very nice at times but that is not the way i said those things… i apologize anyway, and i’ll explain. this is what i said:


I admit it was a bit rude but obviously not meant for the asker nor any of my followers. it was a rant about those idiots on tumblr (i don’t mind the ones on other websites) who take my and my friends’ work and repost it as their own. that is the rude thing to do, i was simply expressing my frustration at it. again, i apologize if it offended you (unless you have ever reposted any tumblr user’s art, in that case it might as well offend you).

as for the miley cyrus thing, what i actually said was “guys… no miley cyrus requests please” which honestly isn’t a big deal, i think. i even said please ;)

i hope this clarified your issue, and i also hope next time you won’t twist my words because i tend to choose them very carefully. after all, if you scroll through the rest of my blog, you’ll see i’m usually pretty nice with all of you. anyway, thank you for the compliment, and have a nice day

hello guys! i’ve stopped posting your names because there is this huge music festival that i’m going to for the next few days, and then i’m going straight to england so i’ve had to pack and prepare and haven’t had the time for your requests. i’ll be back in a couple of weeks xx

Anonymous asked:

can you do the names con and hass? thank you!!

hey sure :)

Anonymous asked:

ello can you do my name? it is Irmak

yes! i saw that it means river, so i did it in blue colours, hope you don’t mind :)

(this one is a joke, i made it for my bf because he really wanted it… so he got it girly style)

(this one is a joke, i made it for my bf because he really wanted it… so he got it girly style)

Anonymous asked:

Do my name 'katlin'

took me sooo long to make the k… jesus

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